Foiled Again

My grandkids save my bacon on a regular basis. And am I glad.

As creative director of Reckoning, a social initiative that uses art-integrated activities to teach character development and everyday leadership, I spend a fair amount of time developing art activties for children, youth and adults. Whenever I can I like to pilot my ideas with three of my grandsons – 9, 12 and 13.

On more than one occasion when I’ve introduced an art activity they’ve taken my idea a completely different direction and shown me that if I’d introduced an art project a particular way it would have bombed. They have also expanded my horizons as to how a particular art material could be used creatively. And they did that by being faithful to their own creative impulses.

Last Thanksgiving I introduced them to embossing a heavy-duty paper-backed foil with pencils. My idea was to doodle abstractly all over the surface of a 4×6 inch piece of foil. They weren’t interested in the slightest in doodling. They were more interested in drawing something representational and concrete – a creative approach that was more in line with their cognitive development at the time. This realization was very helpful for me when I introduced this activity to the kids at Cabrillo Village who ranged from 7-12.

The boys spent last week with us and we enjoyed three days down at the art studio working on more variations of embossed foil. This time their embossing was more “doodlesque” and the way they cut the embossed foil to produce different animals, insects and objects was heartwarmingly creative. 

Enjoy their art work! 

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