Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart


  • Give thanks

  • with a grateful heart

  • Give thanks

  • to the Holy One


This week many of us will gather with grateful hearts around  groaning tables  to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with family and friends. I thought I would share four new pages I’ve recently posted on my spiritual autobiography page. They are, in many ways, my hymns of thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness in my life. I hope they will be a feast for your eyes, as well as your heart.

 His Banner Over Me is Love



Edged in Glory

For a creative feast and some great ideas for holiday gifts and greetings, follow the new Art Lesson link below: 

Embossed Foil

2 comments to Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

  • Patricia Conder McWane

    BEAUTIFUL – You are so creative. I love it. I have placed your/our banner we made with our hands hanging in the new conference room at church & also the two small ones are in our classroom upstairs. Each time I look at them I remember you all & Kevin, Karen & Nate and the Friendship/kinship we have through our heavenly Father. Mike & I are very thankful to have that relationship with you even though we are scattered around the countryside & world. We are still one in Christ. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving to You, Robert & all the Family.

  • Wow, Lynne, it never occurred to me to picture God smoking a cigarette, sitting in a green naugahyde chair, drinking coffee, waiting for me. It’s a comforting image even though I am horribly allergic to cigarette smoke.

    Edges of His glory has been for a while one of my favorite mediations on the beauty of the earth.

    love you,

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