Gifts I’m Sending…

 During a recent writing group, Lois read a piece from a 4th grade student who had written of the gifts she would give to people suffering from the effects of Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti. The gifts were movingly symbolic, none really tangible objects that could be wrapped in decorative paper and fancy ribbons.  We were invited to create our own list of gifts we would like to give others. The recipients were  globally varied, from the African American residents of New Orleans, to the women of Afghanistan, to the animals hunted to near extinction or poached as tropies, or the children and women of Africa impacted by war, and more. All very thoughtful, inspiring and tender. The following is my poem.


 Gifts I’m Sending to China

I’m sending you a moment
to think quietly among the mass
of humanity on every busy street

I’m sending you blessed Hope
there is more to your destiny
than an inescapable karma

I’m sending you many brooms
to sweep away the reluctance
to value human life

I’m sending you courage
to keep children who are born
with less than perfect bodies

I’m sending you thanks
for saving a baby boy
abandoned on Christmas Day

I’m sending you the laughter
of that little boy who will play
under my Christmas tree today.


This poem is a gift for my newest grandson,
Ian, who is arriving December 23,
his 5th birthday, for the holidays.

Who would you send gifts to?
What gifts would you send? 


5 comments to Gifts I’m Sending…

  • Kris Mouton

    Dear Lynne,
    Your grandson Ian is a beautiful happy child; his smile says everything we need to know about loving one another.
    The last verse of your poem brought tears to my eyes and such a lump to my throat … his birthday and Christmas to celebrate, such great joy!
    Thank you so much, for all your gifts of spirit that you have shared so generously with us; you are a wonderful friend and teacher.
    “Merry Christmas” to you and your family, Peace and many blessings for this coming new year!

  • Charlene Lee

    This beautiful boy is truly blessed to have found a devoted and loving family. We will watch for an updates as Ian grows and thrives.

    Looking forward to seeing you in March! Don and Charlene

  • Deanna J Bowling

    I send to the world the peace that it takes to sit in a rocking chair in the middle of the night and rock a troublesome baby to sleep. Only in containing that peace ourselves can we then provide for someone else the place where they can find that peace. I send to all the peoples in the world, the understanding and desire of the need to live in such an atmosphere purposefully, so that not only the child that they may each personally rock to sleep, but all of the children in the world, may have that atmosphere of peace to live within

  • Stephenie Thomas

    Gifts I’m Sending to Addicts in Recovery

    I’m sending you
    a desire to be clean, sober, abstinent, etc. –
    LARGER than your desire to numb your pain.

    I’m sending you
    the willingness
    to own your own stuff.

    I’m sending you
    the openness to forgive
    all the hurts that have been inflicted.

    I’m sending the above gifts to
    your families
    and friends as well.

    I’m sending you all
    room to celebrate Christmas together –
    but not enough room for – you know what.

    I’m sending all of you
    hope, peace, love, and joy
    to go with that room.

    If your families and friends are gone,
    I am sending you a new family
    so that you might love one another.

    I’m sending you all serenity,
    courage, and wisdom:
    You’ll need it – because families aren’t perfect.

    I’m sending you the Higher Power
    Who can help you through anything and everything
    life can throw your way.

    I’m sending you
    all the hope I can muster
    that you will send the same back to me.

    I’m sending us
    ALL the hope
    a Baby Boy came to deliver.

    I’m sending us
    ALL the willingness
    that that Grown Man gave.

    I’m asking Him to send us
    out to make a difference.

  • Aahmes Overton

    Lynne – thanks for the post, the picture of Ian, and the privilege of meeting Ian, Nathan
    and Karen & Kevin. A blessed New Year to you all. – Aahmes

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