Tiny GBHFor years I’ve had a guiding motto – Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. Those wise words have put a damper on any number of hare-brained schemes. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s fun to do something just because. Especially when your daughter posts a photo on Facebook and basically say, “will ya, will ya, will, Mom?” Pretty much all of my shouldn’t self-talk flies out the window then.

The photo? A tiny gingerbread house that fits cozily on the lip of a coffee cup. Piece of cake…or should I say gingerbread. First drafting three wee patterns for the sides and roof, I mooched some dough from the grandsons’ Ninja gingerbread kit to create this-makes-me-giggle gingerbread house that fits on my favorite coffee just like the one shown on Facebook. Totally scored. It is destined for the Yankee trader/white elephant gift exchange on Christmas day.

My son married into a large family who have produced enough offspring to fully cast a living nativity every Christmas Eve at his in-laws. One of the granddaughters, Lara, inspired this event and functioned as producer, director and actor as the occasion merited. Parts were typically not open for negotiation. You played the part you were assigned. One year she appointed our youngest grandson Peter to play the role of Joseph. At roughly five, Peter had serious opinions about what he want to do, or not do. And that year, he definitely didn’t want to play Joseph. There was no arguing with his older cousin. He was going to be Joseph whether he wanted to or not. His all to obvious sullenness amused his great grandmother and I, most especially during the long, solemn reading of the nativity narrative when he spent the evening thumping Baby Jesus on the head.

Like I said….Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

But…because I can…I want to wish all of you a very hope-filled, peaceful, joyous, and loving Christmas!

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  • Deanna Bowling

    Merry Christmas, Lynne.

    I always enjoy your stories, whether I post a comment or not. Spent the evening thumping Baby Jesus on the head — say ???

  • Merry Christmas to you and Robert, Lynn. This has been a year of big changes for both our families, but you positive influence is always as inspiration! My favorite Southern hymn from when I lived in the deep South of Alabama was “This world is not my home (I’m just a-passin through); my treausures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue! etc” Probably written by a slave somewhere, but meaningful yet today. Happy New Year! Melinda & Mike

  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Dear Lynn. you are amazing.. I loved your note.. WE JUST did a live nativity at CPC that i orchestrated and produced.. It was so very wonderful
    Three nights and over 120 folks participated.. OUr family did the first night..and my cup runneth over.. Missing you and sending love and greetings
    to you and yours this first Christmas in the south.. Keep on.. keeping on. .with love.. Cynthia and Tom

  • Judi

    For sure you scored with the little gingerbread house…adorable! Merry Christmas!!!

  • Peter(the grandson)

    Thumping=flicking for all who don’t know.
    PS love you Grandma

  • Velma Everton

    Sounds like you are enjoying living near your children and grandchildren. I went to the CPC nativity scene with my daughter and her friend and a couple of grandchildren. Very nice. A lot of work but the Hasbarger daughter is a long friend with Lisa Hashbarger – since junior high, I think. High school for sure. Wonderful family.

  • Janet

    Great! Even better that Peter (the grandson) commented.
    I did not know about CPC’s living nativity. Hopefully they will do again in 2015.
    A blessed new year to you and Robert!

  • Kareb

    Merry Christmas, Lynne. And best wishes for good health and happiness in the coming year. Like Deanna, I too enjoy reading your blogs even though I often don’t reply.

  • Karen

    Please forgive the typo in my name.

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