Bali Wedding Star QuiltThey’ve worked four arduous years for their goal. I only worked for six and a half months. But it was an accomplishment for all of us…tackling something that we thought at times was completely beyond our abilities. Nevertheless, we persevered.

Our only granddaughter, and her fiance Colin, graduated this weekend from West Point and were commissioned as 2nd lieutenants in the army. We were privileged to attend many of the week’s celebrations from the final parade formation on the hallowed parade grounds to the pinning ceremony on the Catholic Chapel’s balcony overlooking the stunning Hudson River Valley.

In the midst of the pomp and centuries-old ritual, we found time to relax and visit. And to share with them the Bali Wedding Star quilt created for their up-coming wedding. The quilt top was finally finished the week before the West Point festivities. Soon it will be taken to a long-arm quilter to create the quilt “sandwich” – top, batting and backing held together with decorative stitching. Then I’ll somehow figure out how to complete the quilt with a curved edge binding. Perhaps just in time for their deployment to Fort Bragg, NC next spring.

Let’s just say this quilt has been a learning experience every step of the way…especially in regards to reading instructions which typically took me 24 hours to decipher for each step of the process. And there were many steps. Which became many groups. Which became many units. Which were eventually sewn together to become one large 80 x 80 quilt. Phew.

After months of clipping things into groups, then storing them in specifically labeled baggies, the units were artfully arranged on our expanded dining room table prior to final assembly, a process that took only a few days and seemed somewhat anticlimactic until the final seam. Which was like wrestling a bear while attempting to perfectly match all the seams. I staggered back to my corner hardly able to believe the quilt top was finished. Finally! My design wall was full of exquisite stars!

But the real stars are Colin and Judy who have finished their time at West Point, been commissioned into the Army, and who will begin their life together in a few weeks as husband and wife! May they always be blessed and protected by Jesus, who called Himself “the Bright Morning Star.”


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  • Nathan


  • Marie

    Congratulations to your granddaughter and her fella. West Point was one of my favourite places to visit when we lived in Poughkeepsie and passing out parade was a joy to experience. I hope that the weather was good to you all.and you were able to appreciate your beautiful surroundings.

  • cynthia Hashbarger

    Dear Lynne.. THis is so very beautiful.. so very special.. What a lovely couple.. May their lives be filled with HIS love and glory surrounding them
    each step of their way as they now also service our country.. Congratulations to them.. and to you for the amazing quilt Love, Cynthia

  • Lori

    I am so glad you persevered in this quilt Lynne, it’s beautiful! When we are in the midst of the work, it’s hard to see if what we are struggling with will be worth it in the end. What a wonderful tribute to the hard work Judy and Colin have accomplished. Congratulations to them, and to you, too.

  • Lynn Knuth

    I am sure this gift will be a treasure they will enjoy passing down over time, ensuring the gift of great love lives on! Congrats to ALL of you. Lynn K and Pal Al

  • Bev Knapp

    Oh my gosh, Lynn. What an accomplishment!! So meaningful in so many ways. Congrats to your lovely granddaughter and Colin in their graduation from West Point and also on their upcoming marriage ! I know the quilt will be the most cherished gift they receive. So personal and so special . See you soon, Bev

  • Dorothy

    How perfect and fitting…….your quilt is spectacular

  • Deanna Bowling

    What valiant efforts upon all of your parts. Love the stars theme. A great reminder of all of the work that each/all of you put in over the last few years.

  • Lynne Farrow

    Marie,the weather was perfect! Low 70s, sunny days.

  • cynthia thomas

    congratulations to judy & colin. and you, lynne for your perseverance in creating your gift of love. cynthia

  • Joan Chandler


    What a gorgeous quilt. I can’t imagine all the work that went into it. So lovely, and what a treasure to your granddaughter and fiance. She sure resembles you a lot:}

    See you in June…………..

  • Wow, Judy and Colin inspire me. I will pray for their protection, clarity and wisdom. Such a fabulous Quilt. Blessings, Delesprie

  • Kate

    Lynne, how special!!! Such a proud day for them, together, choosing to serve our country. And such a pleasure to them for her grandma to give an exquisite piece of art which will be totally functional. Congrats to all. Including Robert who had to share his table. Wonderful.

  • Judi

    Congratulations to Judy and Colin! The quilt you made for them is awesome, as is “the Bright Morning Star”.

  • sharron luft

    What a stellar constellation you all are! God bless you and your grands. And God bless our soon-to-be art weekend; I miss you and can hardly wait to see you.

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