It’s been all quiet on the Western front for the last couple of weeks. Primarily because we’ve been cruising the St Lawrence Seaway in search of fall colors between Quebec and Boston. With the exception of an occasional flaming tree, there were lots of yellows and oranges, but relatively few reds in the . . . → Read More: Autumn


A surprise gift appeared in my mailbox last week. The large manila envelop from clear across the country contained the newly publish memoir of friend Martha Jane Petersen. Sweetly inscribed to “a sister on the artistic path,” this soft-bound volume Imaging My Inner Fire – Finding My Path Through Creating Art, is proving . . . → Read More: Gift


Not that many people call me on my cell phone at 7 in the morning. Near the top of the list would be my only granddaughter Judy, a West Point cadet who’s home for the summer and eager for an impromptu visit to escape the weekend predicted temperature of 110° in the San . . . → Read More: Impromptu


I’m not suggesting that Claude Monet move over or anything, but I’m pretty jazzed with the new art technique I learned this weekend. Scrumbling. The authority on all things web-wise, Wikipedia says scrumbling “is a technique similar to glazing, except that the coating is opaque, and is just painted on very thinly to . . . → Read More: Scrumbling


Been on a roadtrip the last two weeks. Not the Jack Kerouac kind of booze and acid On the Road trip, just a free ranging ramble around Western North Carolina with a quick shot east to Raleigh and its environs. What an experience on so many levels amidst sooooo much green. Spring was . . . → Read More: Roadtrip


As my two year old grandson once exclaimed to an entire restaurant as he accomplished the difficult maneuver of apple-sauced spoon from bowl to mouth without spilling, “I did it!” Yup, I did it! I’ve captured the history of my career as a banner maker in an archival book form. My children will . . . → Read More: Excellent

Fear Not

What is it about photos? Why are they so hard to get rid of? The duplicates, the out-of-focus, the poorly composed? Why do I feel mildly anxious, regretful, ambivalent about every one I relegate to the wastebasket? All this photographic angst is wrestling mano a mano with my urge to be ruthless. With . . . → Read More: Fear Not


The prior week had been crazy fun. A morning of playing with paint and stamps creating decorative papers for an art project the following week. Each woman had made at least one colorful 12×12 sheet they knew we were going to cut into 4″ squares to be shared with one another. As best . . . → Read More: Crazy

The Pits

Last Friday was the pits. Not exactly the kind of pit you might imagine. The ladies at the Lighthouse, a fifteen-month, faith-based residential treatment program for substance abuse, were creating their own personal collaged pits using Chinese food take-out boxes. Words and images illustrated the painful pits they’d fallen into as a result . . . → Read More: The Pits


I love random, out of the blue emails. Especially when they include an invitation for the ladies at the Lighthouse to create special art work for a upcoming sermon series. Flowing out of a Lenten devotional, 2013 Easter Journey: Encounters with Jesus produced by Waiting for Water, Brother Tom wanted art work to . . . → Read More: Elizabeth