Been on a roadtrip the last two weeks. Not the Jack Kerouac kind of booze and acid On the Road trip, just a free ranging ramble around Western North Carolina with a quick shot east to Raleigh and its environs. What an experience on so many levels amidst sooooo much green. Spring was . . . → Read More: Roadtrip


Sometimes we just have fun. Not that having fun isn’t therapeutic. Without a doubt it is. So sometimes our most serious therapeutic intent is just to have fun. Well, fun with a purpose, but maybe not what you imagined.

It all started with a visit to the Oxnard Rescue Mission thrift . . . → Read More: Fun


Raw emotions. Red for ANGER. Green for ENVY. Great black looping CONFUSION. Periodic EXPLOSIONS. That’s the mask Ashley describes wearing because she believes expressing her anger is a stronger position than crying although her tears are just beneath the surface. She knows that needs to change….in a safe place…in a safe way…at a . . . → Read More: Raw


As my two year old grandson once exclaimed to an entire restaurant as he accomplished the difficult maneuver of apple-sauced spoon from bowl to mouth without spilling, “I did it!” Yup, I did it! I’ve captured the history of my career as a banner maker in an archival book form. My children will . . . → Read More: Excellent

Salt & Light

Let’s just say I dread the question, “Is there glitter?” Because it gets into everything and is difficult to clean up, I never willingly buy it. But sometimes it appears in the art cabinet at the Lighthouse through someone’s “generous” donation of unwanted art supplies. And there are a few occasions when it . . . → Read More: Salt & Light


There were long periods of quietly making art. Conversations grew more personally reflective day by day. They weren’t interested in breaking for lunch the final day. They were reluctant to go home at the end. They lingered…and then set a date for when they would gather again as a group to make art. . . . → Read More: Wow


The wise men have returned home by another way having left their gifts behind. And we returned home after an effortless roundtrip from LAX to Raleigh, NC and back; a journey that was tantamount to miraculous considering we were traveling during the height of holiday travel. The wise men didn’t face a $25 . . . → Read More: Gifts


The week after Thanksgiving our home begins to fill with the aroma of warm molasses, ginger and cinnamon as thick, sticky dough is pressed into cast iron molds forming the construction units for log cabin or Victorian gingerbread houses. Day after day the baking continues; roofs, short sides, pointy sides, chimneys, a veritable . . . → Read More: Gingerbread


When you’re in your twenties you can’t imagine not decorating for Christmas, especially if you’re the creative type. But I must confess that my Martha Stewart more-is-more gene has aged and I reached a point where I decided we’d get an artificial tree when I turned 60. Alas, my cut-down-a-live-tree-and-haul-it-home . . . → Read More: Trees


Frankly, I don’t very often start a voice mail message with the phrase “This is an emergency.” But that was the message I left on Pastor Erin’s cell phone after discovering my van had been towed from the parking lot behind the lovely boutique hotel where my hosts had lodged me the prior . . . → Read More: Rescue