Teaching an old dog new tricks is tricky. Especially when you combine two of her primary modes of creative expression into one much smaller space. By and large I am loving this relocation, but it’s taking me a little while to not feel like I have one shoe nailed to the floor while . . . → Read More: Tricky


The cardboard box left on the front porch by the stealthy delivery guy was surprisingly heavy. Heavy with more fabric purged from my generous friend’s stash back in Ohio. Within a few days I was standing before of the washer sorting the box’s contents into warm lights and cool brights wondering what inspired . . . → Read More: Chopped


Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, that season associated with fasting. A friend on a sewing chatlist has challenged us to “fast” from buying fabric and instead sew down our stash. I’ve taken the challenge to heart and began going through bins of leftovers from prior sewing projects – banners, clothing, . . . → Read More: Enough…Already